Monday, January 27, 2014


Boy! We have done some fun things in January.

We were learning about Winter. The students were learning about proper dress in the winter as well. For Large Group Literacy (LGL), we read the story "Froggy Gets Dressed".

After reading it and discussing what we wear in the winter, the students had to get me dressed! Here are some fun photos.

I had a bunch of different options to choose from and they had to choose the appropriate ones.

We also listened to the story, "The Emperor's Egg" and watched a real life video in order to connect it to real-life situations. I wanted the children to see illustrations and then real video to connect that the story is non-fiction and applies to the real world. 

 They have such concentration! We tried marching around the room with them! All we used were cotton balls. I told them those were their precious baby penguin eggs!

It was so icy that we missed a lot of outdoor play time. In order to prevent another full blown center time, we set up stations the students were able to go to. These stations included the following: puffy paint, ice hockey, and ice melting. I used these to make a matrix of who explored ice.

 For the ice hockey, we used our rectangular blocks to create a border around the table. On each side we left a hole for a goal. There were groups of two on each side. We gave them sporks (spoons would do too) and a piece of ice. Once they started hitting it back and forth,  they were having a great time!

 To make puffy paint, we mixed shaving cream and glue. I do not have exact measurements, we just sort of eyeballed it! We added glitter to make it beautiful!

To enjoy ice melting, give the students two pieces of ice.  One green and one red. The green one is for salt and the red one is for water. We gave the students droppers to add drops of water to each. They waited to see which melted faster! 

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