Meet the Teacher

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog! I am new to this blog world and not quite sure what I am doing, so bare with me. :) 

That's me! Credits: Haley Sheffield

 My name is Ashli and I am a new teacher. This school year (2013-2014) will be my second year teaching. I am so lucky to have gotten a job so quickly after graduating. One of the things they don't teach you in college is all of the little things that are thrown at you! That is the goal of this blog. I want to try new things and let you know how they worked (if they did) and what could be done better. 

Now that you know my purpose, here is some more information about me. 

I am a second-year Pre-K teacher and I really enjoy it! I sometimes miss the content of higher grades, but the quirkiness and cuteness of these little 4 year olds quickly steal your heart. 

Pretty Cute, right?! ;)

I am engaged to my very best friend and going to be married soon. I also have a three year old daughter, named Kinley, who is a handful! But you just can't help but love her. These two make my life even better than it already is. *So lucky!*

Meet Kinley (don't let her sweet face fool ya! ;) )

Welcome to my life and thanks for stopping by!