Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It -July 22, 2013

So...only two more days of freedom and I still have work to do! lol

I am excited to get back and meet my new kitties! I even have some cool ideas for my door! But since it is Monday, I guess I should get in to some of the things I have been working on making. :) 

Here is the first thing. I made these awesomely huge pillows for my reading area (don't worry I added a carpet to the reading area, looks much better) that have been floating all over Pinterest. I made mine a tad bigger! Check it out.

Step 1: You really need to pick two corresponding fabrics that you want to use as your pillow. One for the sides and one for the top and bottom. The fabric that you choose for the top/bottom needs to be 2 yards. The side fabric needs to be one yard long. You need to lay the 2 yard fabric out and cut it in half. Take the yard of side material and measure two pieces to fit the length and two pieces to fit the width. The depth of each side piece needs to be 7 inches.
Step 2: Once you are finished cutting, make sure that you pin the sides to the top (like sides facing each other) and sew them together. Do this for each side. When you are finished, make sure you take the other yard of fabric (the bottom of the pillow) and start pinning them to the sides of the fabric. Sew it all up! While you are there, sew the creases except for one. Pull the fabric right-side-out. This is where you will shove all of the stuffing. 
Step 3: With the last slit open, get some help from little hands (child labor laws don't apply to home situations, right?!), and push the  stuffing in. When you are finished make sure you sew that slit. 
Finally, enjoy your pillow. Kin and Eric looooved it. They want me to make them their own. 

Here are some links that helped me: 

I got the tutorial and idea via Pinterest. This is the lady's tutorial (it is probably way more in depth and helpful than mine). She really uses plain English and no-sew terms that works for beginners. 

Also, be aware, I made my pillows much bigger than hers. She made hers 30X30 and mine were about  36X42. I used 5 pounds of stuffing. You can get it at Hancock Fabrics for $15.99 plus 15% off with your teacher came to $13.99 with mine.
This is what it looks like

The next thing I made were some tissue paper pom-poms to spice up my room. I made them myself because in the stores, they want like 6 bucks for them! Seriously!! But thanks to the internet, I made these babies for a whopping $1.99. Get you some tissue paper from the good ole HobLob and find a tutorial on line (like this one) and you are there!

And finally, as promised, a close-up of my job chart and weather chart. I failed to do so in my last post, so here is a better view. 

Now that I am almost finished with everything, I have to make a "How we get home" board. I guess I will work on that for next week. :) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Currently July - and late!

Oh, July! You are going to fly by! It is another month, which means another Currently over on Oh Boy! 4th Grade. Check it out! Her site is great and full of useful tips!

Listening: So I saw the music video to Passion Pit's "Carried Away" and I just cannot get enough of it. It is so cute and a great song at that. Watch the video below. You will NOT regret it. 

Loving: I am loving my new necklaces that I got from Groopdealz! I love that website. Get your deal on today! (Maybe they should be hooking me up for this free publicity, right?! LOL)
But seriously, aren't these necklaces gorgeous? They will spice up any boring outfit.

Thinking: Will I ever be finished with me new room? The answer is yes! I am slowly getting there and there are only a few things left to do! Here are a FEW of my favorite parts of my room so far. Remember that I am not finished...I am still working (here's a tiny sneak peek). :)

Wanting: New Skin! This humid, rainy mess of a July we have been having is killing my oil skin. I have been breaking out like a thirteen year old lately and that is so unlike my skin! I have to blame it on something, so I think I'll go with the weather. I step outside and I have enough oil on my face to fry an egg. GOODNESS! But BirchBox sent me this mattifying French lotion called G-1. It has really been helping a lot. Click the pics to check the website out!

That's the stuff! Oh and I also found the best lotion, thanks to Birchbox! This stuff has zero greasy residue (which is the worst on a humid day). It made my skin the softest ever! It was amazing. 

Needing: I don't know about you, but this summer has killed my sleep schedule. Instead of waking up automatically at 7:30, I am waking up at 9! And I can hardly get out of bed. Summer made me tired and let's face it, in a week I am going to be dying when I have to wake up at 6 to get ready for work. So pass me the coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Which means, I might have to don this shirt when we go back. 

Tips, tricks, and hints: I have some cools tips for the reading center on Monday Made It! I am going to post a tutorial on how to make giant pillows! These pillows are so freaking cute. And how to make your wooden cubbies/centers from drab to fab! Here's a sneakypeaky!
Better pictures and more of an explanation on Monday!! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It! 7/15/13

Welcome to Monday Made It! This is one of my favorite Linky Parties! I just love getting to make things from other things that have inspired me. Did that even make sense?! LOL Well I have so many projects happening right now that I don't even know where to start or finish. So here is what I have finished for sure..Also, I am the worst at taking before and after pictures! So I have a lot of finished things that I have been doing this week, BUT I never took a picture of. So look for those next week (hopefully)!

So there is so much on Pinterest that we all love and want to re-create, right?! Well a while back I pinned a picture of a gift idea with 30 lollipops with the caption "30 Blows!"

Well, July 4th was my sister's 30th birthday! What better way to say happy birthday than 30 lollipops. I set out on my journey looking for 30 lollipops (Blow Pops to be exact) and something to hold them in. Well, after a trip to the Dollar Tree, I had all that I needed.

Here is the Pin-spiration and here is my creation!

I also got the chance to finish my job chart. I posted some graphics of the job chart I made a few weeks back and did not know what I was going to do. I posted the pin of the iHelp iPad and loved that idea. So I ran with it! After all, we are living in a technological world! :)

There it is on the board that I finished up the other day! I didn't take a close up. I should have!

I also made the weather chart that's on the board. I saw it on Pinterest and followed the link. When I went to the blog, the blogger offered it for free but you had to pay to use the document download site. I decided to make my own! The only thing is.... I made the snowy and weather today boxes a little too big. You'll have to cut them to size! Sorrryyyyyy. 
This is the Pinterest one I was going to have to pay for! Click to get my version! :) 
Well that is it for my MMI! Check out the other great links on 4th Grade Frolics. There are some good ones. Oh and keep checking back this week...I am going to post some pictures of my *ALMOST* finished classroom.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday Linky Party!

Welp, it is Friday and the First Grade Parade is hosting the Favorite Pins Friday! What fun! I don't know about you, buuuuut I love Pinterest. And I am a little obsessed about pinning things. Check this out..!

I love this blog (click the pictures for the links)! She always shows great make-up tricks. I do not like my nose too much, but by using her contouring method, I find this little trick makes me pretty happy! If you are having nose doubts, hop on over to maskcara and have a DIY make-over!

I love pallet wood projects. They are so beautiful and rustic. This pin is the perfect summer DIY! Who wouldn't want to sit on the porch in this beauty?!

Eric and I are in-talks to buy a house. This has got me obsessing on Pinterest over home decor. How amazing is this living room? Definitely going to try and make my *maybe future* home this awesome. It is all about the fine detail. 

This should say style PINS*! I cannot help but love these Fall and Summer outfits. The mix of prints and colors are totally adorable. The left says, I am so ready for Fall, but the right makes me want Summer to stick around. ;) 
Links: : Left ~ Right

How amazing is this?! If you sign up, they send you different supplies each month and you have to come up with a creative activity and send it to them. Umm, yes! I cannot wait to try this out! By the way...who doesn't love free?! 

I love this print! It makes me think of Eric. I feel as though, when I met him a MILLION years ago, I knew. It was always him. Ahhh, so sweet! I cannot get enough. Is it October yet?! 

So I am totally obsessed with this blog! I love her outfits and how cute is her hair? I saw this post and read that she also had thick, curly hair like me. She said she was trying out Pantene Ultimate 10 with the BB Cream and it was working great. She documented her hair 10 days and 10 ways. Long story short, bought the products and I am not looking back! My hair has never been better. 

This was over on MelonHeadz and it is the cutest! I cannot wait to hang this in my classroom. It is a great reminder to stay sweet and follow the rules.

Make sure you check out the other blogs on the First Grade Parade. There are some cool pins the other ladies have! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made It! *Class Management Addition*

I love how the Tattooed Teacher does a Monday Made It. I decided to do my own Monday Made It - Classroom Management edition.

So I have been thinking...what am I going to do for my classroom management and reward system! Last year I used the class dojo and it was amazing!

If you are new to the Dojo thing, you are in luck! Class Dojo works for almost every grade. The students are able to create their own little monster avatars and get a visual of "good" choice and "bad" choice. They get green points for good choices and red points for not-so-good choices. This is especially awesome for Pre-K because we are always teaching the kids about making good choices. Dojo makes the students SEE what is a "good" and "bad" choice and what are the consequences of those choices.

*If your interest has sparked and you want to join the Dojo movement, click the picture above!

As you can see, each student has an avatar and points.
Last year, I used a daily point system. If you had one green point, you were able to get a sticker, if you had 2 points you were able to get a candy, and if you had five points you were able to get into the treasure chest. This system was when I first started the program. After a few months, I switched it to a weekly point system. If you got 10 points you were able to go to the treasure chest, 5 points for a sweet treat, and 2 points for a sticker.

Pinterest has a lot of great ideas for this! I have seen a lot of people use coupons for their class. I may do that later in the year, after the students are used to everything. I also saw that people had cute little reward charts. I decided that I wanted to make one that fit my needs, pictured below. If you would like to use it, click on the picture and save it!

Last year, my treasure chest consisted of an undecorated shoe box (boring, right?). This summer, I decided I was going to do it right. Make it something cute and exciting. Who wants to get a prize from a shoe box? I went to Michael's and got a wooden treasure chest box. I had a coupon for 40% off and a teacher's discount. Well, here it is....before and after...