Sunday, August 4, 2013

Meet & Greet!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! This last week has been a whirlwind of crazy! Thursday was the first day of school and we had Meet & Greet on Tuesday. It was a lot of fun. I had to make sure all of the things I worked on this summer were ready.

Here are some photos of my room for the lovely occasion. :)

I definitely am lucky that so many great ideas are floating around on the internet from seasoned teachers. All of their advice and ideas on Pinterest and blogs helped me to have a smooth Meet & Greet. Everything was in place and worked great. 

I had 5 stations. They are as follows:

As soon as the parents walked in the door, they had to sign in. The parents also had a choice to sign up to be a volunteer. It is always nice to see who wants to volunteer so you can see all of the options you have to lend a helping hand. Parents are just awesome like that! They love helping, so use them. :) 

Step 1: The parents followed the yellow signs. This took them to a table where they needed to pick up a baggie with their child's name on it. This baggie had everything they needed to know and sign inside of it. I even had all of the forms that needed to be signed and sent back paper-clipped. Easy and convenient for the parents. Remember, some parents have several children and have to sort through the paper work. This helps them a lot! Here is a close up of my baggies.

Inside of the baggies were as follows:
  1. Meet the teacher letter
  2. Remind 101 letter
  3. 2 flyers about why reading is important *I found these on Pinterest..they are not created by me.
  4. Lunch information
  5. Student handbook pages that needed to be signed
  6. Pre-K Handbook
  7. Student information sheet *found on Pinterest
All of this information (except the handbooks) can be found below. 
*****One thing I forgot to put in the bag was what the students NEEDED for school**** 
Um hello! How could I forget that!? I did write that info on the board though.

Step 2: The next step was to find the brown paper bag with their child's name on it. This was a way for parents and the child to see that they had an important project to do together. The label says to bring in a few (5-6) items that tell us about you. I was going to put it in the baggie with all the other information,  but I wanted it to be a separate thing to that wouldn't get pushed to the side. On the first day of school, ALL of my bags returned. I credit this to it being separate from the baggies.


Step 3: This step is for the parents to tell us how they are getting home on the first day, the second day, and the rest of the year. This is definitely the most important step of the whole meet & greet affair. My Para manned the station and verified each address and made sure parents filled out everything correctly. This made for a smooth first and second day. 
I asked for the first and second day because we started school on a Thursday. Monday would be when each child really gets their routine down for dismissal. 

Step 4: This step was the most fun! Parents were able to grab a scavenger hunt and explore the room with their child. This really helped to keep everyone moving and not standing around the room or talking to me the whole time. I was able to move and talk to all parents and students. It was nice! When the students were finished with the scavenger hunt, they were able to get a treasure from the Treasure Chest. 

Here is the Scavenger hunt that I used. I found it thanks to ....Pinterest, of course. Bu tI have made it easy for you to download here. It is from Little Kinder Warriors. It is a great blog! 

Step 5: This step was available for parents to grab a helping hand! I wrote down a few things we always need in Pre-K. It was a great idea. 

Meet and Greet was great! It was super busy and crazy but so much fun. I am going to have a great year this year. :) 


  1. I love the scavenger hunt you posted! I am definitely going to use it this year. This will be my first year teaching preschool and I have been looking for some great preschool blogs for some inspiration so I was very happy to find yours! :)

    Tacky the Teacher

    1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award, so hopefully you can get some more traffic to your blog! Click on the link to my blog below to find out more!

      Tacky the Teacher

    2. Oh my gosh thank you so much! I cannot believe that you nominated me! I followed you on your site and I cannot wait to see your other posts. I will get to work writing my post about your nomination tomorrow!

      You will love pre-k. It is a lot different than any other grade, but the love you get is so overwhelming. Be ready to be a mom to a bunch of 4 year olds! :)

    3. ***A SCHOOL MOM I should say. :) We can never replace their real moms.