Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It -July 22, 2013

So...only two more days of freedom and I still have work to do! lol

I am excited to get back and meet my new kitties! I even have some cool ideas for my door! But since it is Monday, I guess I should get in to some of the things I have been working on making. :) 

Here is the first thing. I made these awesomely huge pillows for my reading area (don't worry I added a carpet to the reading area, looks much better) that have been floating all over Pinterest. I made mine a tad bigger! Check it out.

Step 1: You really need to pick two corresponding fabrics that you want to use as your pillow. One for the sides and one for the top and bottom. The fabric that you choose for the top/bottom needs to be 2 yards. The side fabric needs to be one yard long. You need to lay the 2 yard fabric out and cut it in half. Take the yard of side material and measure two pieces to fit the length and two pieces to fit the width. The depth of each side piece needs to be 7 inches.
Step 2: Once you are finished cutting, make sure that you pin the sides to the top (like sides facing each other) and sew them together. Do this for each side. When you are finished, make sure you take the other yard of fabric (the bottom of the pillow) and start pinning them to the sides of the fabric. Sew it all up! While you are there, sew the creases except for one. Pull the fabric right-side-out. This is where you will shove all of the stuffing. 
Step 3: With the last slit open, get some help from little hands (child labor laws don't apply to home situations, right?!), and push the  stuffing in. When you are finished make sure you sew that slit. 
Finally, enjoy your pillow. Kin and Eric looooved it. They want me to make them their own. 

Here are some links that helped me: 

I got the tutorial and idea via Pinterest. This is the lady's tutorial (it is probably way more in depth and helpful than mine). She really uses plain English and no-sew terms that works for beginners. 

Also, be aware, I made my pillows much bigger than hers. She made hers 30X30 and mine were about  36X42. I used 5 pounds of stuffing. You can get it at Hancock Fabrics for $15.99 plus 15% off with your teacher came to $13.99 with mine.
This is what it looks like

The next thing I made were some tissue paper pom-poms to spice up my room. I made them myself because in the stores, they want like 6 bucks for them! Seriously!! But thanks to the internet, I made these babies for a whopping $1.99. Get you some tissue paper from the good ole HobLob and find a tutorial on line (like this one) and you are there!

And finally, as promised, a close-up of my job chart and weather chart. I failed to do so in my last post, so here is a better view. 

Now that I am almost finished with everything, I have to make a "How we get home" board. I guess I will work on that for next week. :) 

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