Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting Ready

I have been working slowly to get a few of my classroom essentials put together. Last year, I moved to a new school midyear, so I left all of the old decorations and job charts and organization the same to not confuse the children (and me!). So this year I get to start fresh and create my own things! I have started with a job chart! I will add the graphics here if you would like to use it or Pin it on Pinterest. 

I think I am going to print the images on cardstock and use magnet pictures of the kids in order to show who has what (nice and simple). I also was thinking about cutting each cute little polaroid out and creating one of those cute little iHelp job charts that are all over Pinterest (shown below).


We shall see! Let me know what you think!! :) 

My cute little Jobs! 


  1. ok, these job pics are beast!! How can I get a copy? could I pay you? also, what software are you using to create this awesome stuff? Photoshop elements?

    1. Thank you so much! I will put them in dropbox so when you click on them you can download them. I wish I made all of the graphics, I just bought the clip art and put them with the chevron. I am working on figuring out how to make my own though using photoshop. BUT you can do a lot with PowerPoint. That is what I use currently to mix graphics and create things.

  2. Ashli, I would love a copy of these if possible. They are adorable! Gmail is
    Kim Herchenroder