Friday, June 28, 2013

Five For Friday!

So it is my first time joining a Linky Party and I am not sure how to do it! Ha but here is my attempt. :) 

1. On Wednesday, Eric and I took our daughter on a mini-vacation to the aquarium and World of Coke in Atlanta. It was a lot of fun! We watched the dolphin show there, which was pretty cool. We also saw penguins and whales...and sharks! I am not a fan of sharks. I have a legit phobia of them (even pictures make me cry and I really avoid talking about sharks during ocean lessons). Anyways, we decided to take a trip to the World of Coke after that. Y'all, I have a Coke addiction. I love it. So I was excited. Kinley really like the 4D movie and tasting the sodas. She even got to taste the Kinley from England! 

2. Being home with Kinley during the summer has been hard but also rewarding. She is such a diva and a girly-girl. Speculation says that I am the one making her that way, but I believe she was just born that way. Check out this video I took of her putting on my lipstick! She always wants to put on make-up with mommy. (quicktime video)

3. I have been working on my room for the past few days. It has been a lot of work! It is always tough moving in to a new room with a lot of things that are not yours. I must say, I am rocking it though (thanks to my mom for helping). It doesn't look like we did much, but 20 garbage bags later, it feels more organized and clean! I am excited to get the decorating done. 

4. I have also been working on things for open house. I have made an "About Me" letter and gotten a few ideas of things from other blogs. Let me know what you think about my letter! I got the border from Jennifer Jones. It was a great deal! 
5. Yesterday, Kinley had a dance recital. She has been in dance for 3 weeks and they had a recital yesterday. She did not like a room full of people looking at her. She cried and did not want to dance! After a little girl helped her for a little bit, she got a little more comfortable! 

Thank you for reading my first Five for Friday! I promise, next time I will have more interesting stuff to say! :) And pictures of my FINISHED classroom....right?! 

PS: Don't forget to check out Doodle Bugs Teaching and all of the other great blogs that are linked up there!

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  1. Hi Ashli,
    I am your newest follower! I am excited for you and your upcoming marriage and with a year of teaching under your belt you will zoom through the year so much easier the 2nd year! I hope you love preK, I have been teaching PreK for 10 years and although I have had my moments I would not change to another grade....except maybe to teach reading....your daughter is adorable....mine just graduated college, does that happen so fast??

  2. Life happens so quickly that most of the time I cannot keep up with the days. I often say, "You know that thing you were talking about last week?" and someone always tells me, "That was over a month ago!"
    Time flies when you are having fun and living life. Thank you so much for your follow and kind words!