Thursday, September 19, 2013

Family Fun

At my school we have a book of the month (BOM). This is where a family signs up to donate a specific book to our class. For September, our book was "Bat Loves the Night." I asked the parent who donated if she would like to read and do a quick activity with us. She agreed!

(I have great parents, y'all!)

She read the book to us and the kids really enjoyed hearing someone besides me read! LOL

After we were finished reading, I showed the kids a picture of the LARGEST bat and the SMALLEST bat side-by-side.

*SmartBoard pics are never any good!*
Then I told them that the largest bat had a wingspan of 5 feet! I of course explained that a wingspan is how long our arms are when we hold them out to our sides. Since they have no concept of 5 feet, we measured using rulers. This gave a great visual, counting practice, and measuring activity (all which are important indicators for GA WSO).

Then of course we measured the smallest wingspan (5 INCHES)! This was a great way to show the differences between feet and inches. We discussed more and less as well. 

After the measuring, We took pictures to see if our wingspan was longer or shorter than the biggest bat!

We made it into a fun book! 

The next day we did an activity to where we could get a visual of how many mosquitos a bat eats in an hour. My para was so kind and cut out 600 bugs and then sorted them into groups of ten. This activity was a lot for the Pre-K kids. They needed a lot of help since they are unable to cut and glue very well. This gave them great glue practice. We did this during work time and called them over few at a time to glue. If you are willing to go through a lot of work, this mosquito activity is a lot of fun and looks great when you are through!! 

I loved doing this bat activity! I will have to revisit this book and come up with more activities in October. :) 

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