Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made It! *Class Management Addition*

I love how the Tattooed Teacher does a Monday Made It. I decided to do my own Monday Made It - Classroom Management edition.

So I have been thinking...what am I going to do for my classroom management and reward system! Last year I used the class dojo and it was amazing!

If you are new to the Dojo thing, you are in luck! Class Dojo works for almost every grade. The students are able to create their own little monster avatars and get a visual of "good" choice and "bad" choice. They get green points for good choices and red points for not-so-good choices. This is especially awesome for Pre-K because we are always teaching the kids about making good choices. Dojo makes the students SEE what is a "good" and "bad" choice and what are the consequences of those choices.

*If your interest has sparked and you want to join the Dojo movement, click the picture above!

As you can see, each student has an avatar and points.
Last year, I used a daily point system. If you had one green point, you were able to get a sticker, if you had 2 points you were able to get a candy, and if you had five points you were able to get into the treasure chest. This system was when I first started the program. After a few months, I switched it to a weekly point system. If you got 10 points you were able to go to the treasure chest, 5 points for a sweet treat, and 2 points for a sticker.

Pinterest has a lot of great ideas for this! I have seen a lot of people use coupons for their class. I may do that later in the year, after the students are used to everything. I also saw that people had cute little reward charts. I decided that I wanted to make one that fit my needs, pictured below. If you would like to use it, click on the picture and save it!

Last year, my treasure chest consisted of an undecorated shoe box (boring, right?). This summer, I decided I was going to do it right. Make it something cute and exciting. Who wants to get a prize from a shoe box? I went to Michael's and got a wooden treasure chest box. I had a coupon for 40% off and a teacher's discount. Well, here it is....before and after...


  1. I used class dojo with my 3rd grade class and even entered behavior in my grade book. Now, that I am in Pre-K, I want to use it again. I glitter heart your incentive chart!


  2. OMG! Thank you so much! You are welcome to use it. Dojo is awesome and it really works for those Pre-K babies. They think it is the coolest!