Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday Linky Party!

Welp, it is Friday and the First Grade Parade is hosting the Favorite Pins Friday! What fun! I don't know about you, buuuuut I love Pinterest. And I am a little obsessed about pinning things. Check this out..!

I love this blog (click the pictures for the links)! She always shows great make-up tricks. I do not like my nose too much, but by using her contouring method, I find this little trick makes me pretty happy! If you are having nose doubts, hop on over to maskcara and have a DIY make-over!

I love pallet wood projects. They are so beautiful and rustic. This pin is the perfect summer DIY! Who wouldn't want to sit on the porch in this beauty?!

Eric and I are in-talks to buy a house. This has got me obsessing on Pinterest over home decor. How amazing is this living room? Definitely going to try and make my *maybe future* home this awesome. It is all about the fine detail. 

This should say style PINS*! I cannot help but love these Fall and Summer outfits. The mix of prints and colors are totally adorable. The left says, I am so ready for Fall, but the right makes me want Summer to stick around. ;) 
Links: : Left ~ Right

How amazing is this?! If you sign up, they send you different supplies each month and you have to come up with a creative activity and send it to them. Umm, yes! I cannot wait to try this out! By the way...who doesn't love free?! 

I love this print! It makes me think of Eric. I feel as though, when I met him a MILLION years ago, I knew. It was always him. Ahhh, so sweet! I cannot get enough. Is it October yet?! 

So I am totally obsessed with this blog! I love her outfits and how cute is her hair? I saw this post and read that she also had thick, curly hair like me. She said she was trying out Pantene Ultimate 10 with the BB Cream and it was working great. She documented her hair 10 days and 10 ways. Long story short, bought the products and I am not looking back! My hair has never been better. 

This was over on MelonHeadz and it is the cutest! I cannot wait to hang this in my classroom. It is a great reminder to stay sweet and follow the rules.

Make sure you check out the other blogs on the First Grade Parade. There are some cool pins the other ladies have! 

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  1. I'm obsessed with that Maskcara blog as well...she's an incredible make-up artist. Her contouring posts are the best.

    Thanks for sharing that prek freebie!

    The Classroom Creative